black american hair growth

Trying to find tips on black hair growth?

Ever been in a debate about how to grow black hair?

I bet somebody's tried to convince you that long hair is something only a few African and Black American women can have naturally. I hope you haven't bought into it.

With a relaxer, you've got to have a touch up every so often perfect? That means your hair does grow.

Rough handing, over processing and using the wrong products cause hair breakage and damage. If your hair breaks as quickly as it grows, you'll never see length.

black american hair growth

Let your body take care of the growth while you protect and nurture your hair. Over time, the inches add up, and before you know it you will have long beautiful hair.

In this beginners guide on how best to grow Black hair you will find the top tips for growing long Black and African American hair.

Before we get into the core of how to grow black hair longer, here is a quick tip.
Have a Positive Attitude

"Whether you believe you can or you can't, you're right." That old expression goes for developing black hair too. You need to actually believe you can have the long hair that you want to really get it.

15 Rules for Significant Black Hair Growth

Here are the major guidelines for black hair growth. The closer you stick to these principles the healthier your hair will be.

1.Get Rid of Damaged Hair

When you're just beginning your healthy hair journey it's ideal, to begin with a fresh slate. Have all split and damaged ends cut your hair off. It may seem counterproductive but it's important. Damaged, split ends will always set you back.

2.Wash and Condition Regularly

Moisture is what makes your hair flexible and keeps it from breaking. Water is the only thing that provides that moisture. Wash and condition your hair a couple of times a week to keep it healthy, hydrated and powerful.

3.Deep State with Each Wash

If your hair's dry, relaxed, color treated or damaged, deep conditioning is very important. Moisture is the thing that keeps your hair manageable and assembles elasticity to the strands. Do a deep conditioning treatment once a week for 30 minutes using a steamer or hooded dryer for your most healthy hair.

4.Hydrate Your Hair Daily

Dry hair is among the biggest culprits of breakage that prevents retaining black hair growth. Black and African American hair is dry by nature and requires a lot of moisture to remain supple. Counter this with daily leave-in moisturizer (not hair grease) that is the main ingredient is water. Concentrate on the ends of your hair since that is the oldest part and also the most likely to wash and break off.

5.Wear Protective Hairstyles

Protective styling is one of the keys in the best way to grow Black hair. When you wear these styles your hands stay out of your hair and it will not get caught in things as it is tucked away. This cuts down on breakage while keeping your endings from drying out and splitting.

6.Use Natural Hair Oils

Most products geared towards Black and African American hair care are filled with oil and other significant synthetic pore clogging ingredients that weigh down hair.

Natural hair oils like castor, jojoba, coconut, and shea are much healthier for our hair.

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7.Take A Daily Hair Growing

Good nutrition is important for healthy hair growth. Even should you eat a well-balanced diet, take a good hair supplement with biotin and the other essential nutrients. It enhances the growth and health of your hair and has the potential to double your hairs' development rate.

8.Care for Your Scalp

As quality soil is the foundation of healthy plants, a healthy scalp is the basis of healthy hair and black hair development. Regular scalp massages with organic oils encourage circulation and bring nutrient rich blood to the follicles for faster healthier hair growth.

9.Trim Split Ends

You might be tempted not to trim your hair because you're trying to grow it long but it's an important part of the procedure. Untrimmed split ends travel up the length of your hair causing breakage and damage. Micro-trim your ends every three or so months and they'll stay healthy and split end free.

10.Use Gentle Heat

Over using blow dryers and flat irons dries out your hair causing split ends, damage, and breakage. Use gentle or no heat styling techniques like wet places with a bonnet dryer or air drying to keep your hair healthy and growing strong. If you use flat and curling irons along with blow dryers stick to low to medium heat settings.

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11.Use Quality Combs and Brushes

Plastic combs and brush bristles shred and tear your hair over time leading to split ends and damage. Use seamless bone combs and boar bristle brushes to help your hair grow stronger and healthier. These combs and brushes do not grab your hairs and pull them out.

12.Sleep With Silk or Satin

When you toss and turn during the night your hair rubs against cotton pillowcases that your hair out.

13.Do Not Double Process

If you become chemical applications done, it's best to stay with a single kind. For instance, if you unwind don't color and if your color doesn't relax. Double processing makes your hair brittle, weak and prone to breakage.

14.Stretch Your Relaxers

If you receive relaxers one thing that could help with length accumulation is going as long as possible between each one. Doing this allows your hair to grow out more and cuts the possibility of over processing.

15.Take Charge of Your Own Hair

You're the boss when it comes to the care and maintenance of your hair. Never permit a stylist to dictate what should and shouldn't happen. If you do not feel comfortable, walk away.

Make sure they listen to you and don't be afraid to ask as many questions as you need to about what they do and put in your hair. I have seen gorgeous hair ruined due to overbearing stylists. Don't let it happen to you.

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