african american hair blue highlights

Q: I am African American and also I had my very dark brown hair blue emphasized that a year ago and it always gets straightened with warmth. How can I go about doing so, and can it be harmful to my own hair? Thank you a lot.

A: The method you're describing sounds like what's known as "peek-a-boo" highlights (where sections of the hair are emphasized - typically a vibrant, daring shade - but are selected in regions of the hair in which they're generally coated by the hair over them.

african american hair blue highlights
african american hair blue highlights

The most efficient way of doing so would be to utilize the foil highlighting procedure, though you can fasten the top segments of the hair with hairpins from the scalp, and pull sections from the lower portion of their mind by means of a cap to emphasize them that way if you would like.

Finding the vivid colors you cite, for example, blue you'll have to lighten the present hair colour significantly so as to receive a vivid, vibrant colour. This may lead to difficulties if your hair is frequently styled with heat styling along with other chemical treatments, since this may indicate that the hair has endured some quantity of harm that could cause issues with this kind of dramatic chemical procedures.

My suggestion is that you've got your own hair assessed by your stylist until you attempt to perform some of the colour by yourself so as to determine that your own hair can defy the processing.

Alternatively, particularly if your stylist advocates against the colour effort, you could consider getting a couple extensions included.

The expansion hair may be obtained in a diverse assortment of colours and you might produce the effect you would like simply by incorporating the colour hair you decide on. This might be more costly as an alternative but would lead to less chance of damaging your normal hair.

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