babies hair growth during pregnancy

Some babies are born with a full head of hair, while some are born completely bald. Both are completely regular growth during pregnancy, as is an infant born with a complete head of that goes bald within the first few months. None of this really is a cause for concern, as a baby develops of many distinct types in several distinct stages.

babies hair growth during pregnancy
babies hair growth during pregnancy

Baby's Hair from the Womb

Infants start growing hair before they are even born, Kids Health states. By the 14th week of pregnancy, infants in the uterus create a coating of lanugo, which is a soft, fine hair that begins on his head and eventually covers his whole body. 

Hair begins to grow on a kid's mind as soon as the 30th week of pregnancy and, from the 32nd week, your baby develops eyelashes and eyebrows. Lanugo starts to drop off prior to delivery, with most of it drop by birth.

Baby's Newborn Hair

Most infants are born with little if any hair on their minds, although some do arrive with a full head of tresses, notes HealthyChildren. Any hair that does include the infant at birth or starts to grow shortly after, will wind up falling out anyhow. 

This isn't a cause for concern but instead a standard process. Baby hair drops out to make way for the mature hair. 

Both baby hair and mature hair increase in at different rates, however, you can usually expect mature hair to start growing in at around 6 weeks of age.

Your baby can accidentally speed up her hair loss with her habits, which can be fine, even though some baldness may be cause for concern, Healthy Children warns. Baby habits such as rubbing his scalp against the bed or banging his head might make his hair fall out, but he can usually outgrow these habits in addition to any missing hair. 

Hair loss may be a concern if your baby is born with a condition known as alopecia, based on Baby Center, which leaves small, round bald patches all over the scalp.

The Colour of Baby's Hair

Dark hair is usually the norm for teenagers, Kids Health states, but it does not indicate what color the older hair will be. In reality, the mature hair color that first develops does not have any bearing on what color your kid's hair will be later in life. 

Hair shades and colors often change numerous times during a person's life, notes Healthy Children.

Wash your baby's hair just when it needs it, which isn't necessarily each time you give her a bath, states Things to Expect. When his hair does require a little bit of cleaning, use a single fall of a mild shampoo made for babies and lightly rub it into his scalp. Use a damp washcloth to wash her hair in the early days. Use a firm hold under her head and neck when she is big enough for a faucet rinse. Use your arm to strengthen your child's spine while his head is beneath the faucet.

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